Design and UX February 26, 2020

Now tool / Looking for feedback!

Max Goldenberg @goldenmax

Hey guys! I'm working on a new tool for feedback gathering (using video), and I need help.

I've created this survey as a walkthrough. If you have less than 1', it would be great if you can take a look at it:

Feel free to send me a private message with your questions or feedback. Everything is welcome

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time!


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    Sorry, Max. I didn't know what I was doing, although I may be a bit brain-fatigued. You might need to ELI5 the wording of this actual test. I wasn't sure if I was choosing feelings as if I were a hypothetical user, or if I was reacting to the test itself. I'll try to revisit when I'm feeling refreshed. All the best!

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      It wasn't your fault at all! I'll revisit the whole experience. The idea was for those who get to the link to see our tool in action. That's why I'm failing 😛 Thank you so much for your time!

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    Just edited the survey to be more on point about what we wanted to test/show.

    Let me know your thoughts! :)

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    I like the idea and can see why it would be useful. I didn't quite understand what was going on in places, I had to read your intro a couple of times - I think "Per our test" threw me a bit.

    I had to replay a lot - so when I didn't know what had happened (for instance, how did you access the camera) - after a couple of goes I wanted to select "I don't know" - this might be more helpful than someone guessing the right answer, as you wouldn't know that actually they didn't understand. Are you tracking how many times users hit replay as well? - this would be a good indicator that they weren't sure.

    As @graeme suggested, you could say "In the following video, how does the user view a plant" before starting the test - this would follow the users perspective of wanting to do something first and then trying it

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      Thanks @JamieGilman, @graeme for the feedback! The idea is to show how the tool works. I've created the survey to showcase that. No the actual "Plant app" hahaha! The "Reply Tracker" is a very good idea!

      I wrote this blog post explaining what we do and what we are trying to "fix"

      If you guys want to give it a try for real, let me know. I'll be more than happy to set you up!

      Thanks again!

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      Yeah very similar for me - I would have pressed "I don't know" for many of the questions too..the option not being there made me press replay.

      One more thing I noticed is that usually, we give the tester a task to carry out and observe them, but this app does the task for the tester.

      I think it's quite cool cos it tackles testing in a different way though (i don't know if it's effective).. many comments are mostly critical cos we see some potential

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    It looks really useful.

    I find the question popup blocks the demo app, which makes the questions harder to answer cos I can't remember what actually happened.

    Also i find the order of things makes answering the question difficult - it shows the video, and then asks the every time, I have to press replay. And pressing 'replay' feels like I failed..maybe the first time through it could say 'preview mode, get ready'..then after the question it can say 'start test'

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    It's not bad, I can certainly see the value.

    It felt like every time I went to click on an emoji it asked for feedback, at which point I couldn't click on the emoji. Also, when the video was done a popup asked for my email but I couldn't close that modal in order to add to the "feedback" at the bottom.

    I think the "white label" look is smart since customers will likely want to integrate in their own site (iframe is easiest in the early days).

    Hope that helps,

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      Hey! Of course, it helps!!! Thank you for taking the time! We added the deeplink feature recently just to allow our customers to integrate the survey among their flow (in-app, web-based).

      On the modal: yeah... it's a design decision (probably not the smartest), but we wanted the "persona" (who answer the survey) to do one action at the time. That's why you are not able to do anything but enter the info. We were thinking of adding the "skippable question" feature.

      Thank you again! (if you wanna use Decision Mate for real, hit me a msg. I'll be more than happy to set it up for you!)

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        Very happy to help.

        The one thing at a time decision makes sense now. I'm not sure I'm qualified to comment if it's a good decision or not.

        It's probably a bit too early for Lakebed to use Decision Mate as I don't have any users yet and I'd be concerned asking UX questions might be a barrier to entry. Hopefully soon though! Thanks!

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          Count me in if you need any beta tester, help of any kind. I'm here!

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            Thank you, 2 "small" requests. Can you please visit and:
            1.) Confirm any of those 3 assumptions if you have insight/experience.
            2.) Share that post with anyone who may have corporate IT or data experience.

            Thanks so much!