Meetups March 27, 2019

NYC Maker Meetup March 2019 recap

Al Chen @atc239

I organized a maker meetup last night in NYC and had my friend Howard talk about the projects he's working on as well as a prototype for an app he had built in Coda.

Then we opened up the floor for others to talk about the projects they are working on. One project I wanted to call out was Mac's (@TeaGuns) project he submitted to the Product Hunt Maker's Festival. The project is called CommSponsor (, and the reason I'm calling it out is because it's really common to see a lot of activity during a hackathon, but then the project dies off once the hackathon is over. It sounds like Mac is getting a ton of traction on this project, so it's very likely it will live beyond just this Maker's Festival.

Also learned about Ricardo's (@HomeUnknown) project for indie music makers called Home Unknown: Hearing his story was really inspiring and shows that entrepreneurs and indie hackers can come from all different backgrounds.

Already planning for next month's meetup, sign up here if interested!

Add your projects as well to this doc for the community to see:

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    Thanks for mentioning Home Unknown! Really amazing group of people, looking forward to the next one.

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      For sure! Thanks for coming!

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    Appreciate the mention (and the hosting of the event) @atc239!

    I actually ran into someone I went to high school there, what a small world.

    Definitely looking forward to the next meetup!

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      Thanks for coming @TeaGuns, what a small world!

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    Thanks for posting this recap! Great motivation for me to make it to one of these in the future.

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    WOW!!!!! This event looks awesome.