Meetups March 27, 2019

NYC Makers Meetup 3-26

Ricardo D @HomeUnknown

Last night I attended a #meetup in NYC which had people from Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, and more.

It was basically my first meeting with other makers and it was great. Some really fun projects, and being introduced to a product called Coda - cool stuff!

The most interesting part was how much other makers deal with mindset and the mental aspect of creation. Worries and fears play such a big part, it was great to be able to commiserate with others on this.

My biggest take away was to just go for it. Ideas are cheap, grinding is what matters most. Get started today, and don't wait for the best situation.

Also, on a side note, everyone was especially nice. To go into a situation not knowing anyone and to be welcomed is a seriously great feeling.


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