Off page SEO techniques that work in 2019

In 2019, Do you think any Off-PAGE SEO techniques works?If yes, can you please specify which one techniques are really working and help in SEO?

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    Quora is a great way!

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    As a digital marketer and helping nearly 120 clients , we focus on improving the keyword visibility by building quality niche relavent links, regular social signals, and niche guestposts. Consistency is matters here!

    So if you need help with it, I ll be happy to help you. Contact me at [email protected]

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    A lot of affiliates are doing well with guestposting, but you have to avoid PBNs and sites with too lax an editorial policy.

    Otherwise, I'm having success looking at old news sites for terms related to my industry and recycling old stories...using omnibus surveys to get new data for when refreshing

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