Ideas and Validation November 25, 2020

Offering Brainstorm Office Hours


Hi All

I love discussing and brainstorming new ideas - so I’m offering up my optimistic eye for the future to anyone who wants it (completely free). What are my qualifications? None at all but I've worked with a few startups, am currently a data scientist at a tech company in SF and enthusiastic, but most importantly, optimistic about the future. Sometimes all you need to get your idea off the ground is one person to believe and bounce ideas off. I'll be that one person. Happy to discuss literally any problem you’re trying to solve or any idea you’re exploring no matter how small, early or silly it seems to other people.

Why am I doing this? Because I love thinking through problems and solutions, discussing the potential of the future, and meeting people working on interesting ideas. I’m intensely curious about things that excite others and it seems like a good way to meet new people who I may get to work with in the future.

If you're interested post a comment here or find my email in my profile and we can set up some time to chat over zoom.

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