April 11, 2019

Offering FREE usability testing sessions (valued at $250,00)

Sven Kapuđija @svenkapudija

Hi everyone,

I'm creating a product for management & organization of usability testing results (findings).

As part of the product iteration process, I would need a few volunteers who need usability testing performed on their web site or a mobile app. The only caveat is that you're comfortable with the sessions and results being made public and used as a demo showcase of our product.

Each volunteer (picked on first come, first served) will receive 5 user testing sessions with 15min max duration each, with accompanying findings in a form of a report. If you tried to do the same via commercial tools like usertesting.com it would set you back about ~$250,00 ($50,00 per test).

Requirement is that your website or mobile app isn't specific in terms of skills/demographics as the test participants are considered general public (20-30 years old) and as such products like "Ruby on Rails plugin for Atom" or "AWS Deployment Pipeline" will not be accepted as they are too domain specific.

Please reply with your website URL/mobile app link, alongside the 5 usability questions/walkthroughs you would like us to cover (eg. "Buy a blue dress", "Sign up and create a new post", "Register and create new calendar event" etc). If there is paywall involved please enable free-trial or a demo-account as real credit cards will not be used.



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    Great offer Sven, currently working on a web app, will be ready next week for user testing. If you don't happen to find all 5 before then would love for you to test it.

    If you need any help with landing pages or technical questions let me know.

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      Thanks Volkan! Do note that I'm not looking for 5 participants, but each participants will receive 5 user sessions (see https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/). I'm not yet sure how many I'll do in one go - we'll see :)

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    We have SaaS, and have down designed for older people. Tabs, yes, few icons or none, mostly links. Our users are 50yrs old ++, even accordions can be a problem, as older folks don't know how to open them.

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