May 9, 2019

Office Hours - Email Conversion and Strategy

Laura Lopuch @lauralopuch

I'm Laura Lopuch, an email conversion copywriter and strategist for B2B and SaaS companies and startups. I write those infamous emails you hear so dang much about.

Specifically cold outreach emails. Like the one email that brought in $20,000.

You might have seen my work on Mailshake, Copy Hackers, CrazyEgg, and Kissmetrics.

I'll be holding an #office-hours session on Friday the 17th of May at 10:00 Mountain Time and I'd love to talk to you.

Share your challenges with email conversion and strategy and I'll pick 6 of you from the comments to email the details on how to attend.

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    Hi Laura,

    I was just wondering if it is possible to attend the event as a listener (fly-on-the-wall) or be able to view the session at a later moment? There will probably be many out here that would be a better fit for the active involvement in the session but I'd still love to get access to the content in some shape or form.

    Thanks for taking the time for us.

    All the best,


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      The video will be available online afterwards for all, on our Office Hours page.

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    Hi Laura, thanks for doing this! 😄

    What I'm working on: - We launched 30-days ago, and we're coming up on the 1000-user mark! We help designers and front-end devs add membership functionality to their client's websites. All of our traffic is inbound, but we'd like to start generating traffic with cold emails.

    What I'd like to discuss:
    We have a list of thousands of freelancers and agencies who match our current user list, but there's only a need for MemberStack when they have a client asking for it. I'd love to discuss best practices for creating awareness and building relationships when there is NOT an immediate need. P.S. Designers are my people, I love them, and I'm terrified of coming off as spammy. Any help is appreciated. ✌

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    Working on an Instagram tool for Fitness Influencers. Currently seeing great results with cold emails but looking to optimize the copy.

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    I really love this blog, you have written your content in a very professional and accurate manner this is something that I really want to see once again. Many thanks for sharing.

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    Uh, dang it. I missed it. Is there a recording somewhere?

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    Hey Laura,

    Thanks for offering to host office hours!

    I am building, to help B2B SaaS companies reduce their customer churn. I am about a month from having the MVP, so preparing to start my cold outreach campaigns--so right in your wheelhouse.

    I am building a list of leads, and gathering some data points on their churn figures. My thought was to lead with my assumption of their challenge (ie not able to manage churn as effectively as they hope), and offer a few suggestions specific to their companies.

    If I'm able to join the Office Hours, I'd love to hear your insights on how you'd present Retainable in a cold email? How would you condense the most compelling selling points in a very brief email (with the assumption that the email may or may not be even read) and get their attention while standing out from a deluge of other cold emails? And what a "funnel" would look like, assuming that I don't get a response to the first, second, even third (?) outreach? Thanks Laura.


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    Hi Laura,

    I am a freelance software developer looking to gain new clients for my consulting business. I specialize in working with clients to address their pain points when it comes to running a business, and offer advice/ build software that helps get back their time spent via automation.

    This can be anything, from automating customer entry to a CRM, replying to emails, filling out forms, etc.

    Basically, I would want to find out how to write an email that gets new leads, because lots of people seem to have this problem, but I don't know how to A) communicate effectively what I do, and B) get them to say YES and setup time to work with me.


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    Hi Laura, I am the founder at an automated lead collection and cold outbound email service. Our product is under development, expected to launch coming July. I would like to know more so I could advice our customers about how to make their cold emailing campaigns successful

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    Hi Laura,
    I am completely new to digital industry coming from retail sector. It's my first time learning how the industry works(digital marketing). I have tough responsibility of managing marketing side of our business. I have hard time getting emails opened forget about conversion. Would like to learn on how to develop a strategy for email marketing and also on how to acquire emails.

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    Hi Laura, I love what you are doing with your time here.

    As a founder of I was searching for a way to create a cold email strategy for enterprises and medium companies we really want aboard.

    My questions to explore during the call about cold email are:

    • How can we select the right people to send the email to?
    • How many emails should I send and how often?
    • Should be sent by personal or business email?
    • Should be casual or professional?

    Would love to discuss this with you

    Thank you so much

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