May 6, 2019

Office Hours - I'll help you improve your onboarding, retention, and email conversion rates

Val Geisler @valgeisler

I'm Val Geisler, an email conversion strategist obsessed with helping you "growth hack" via email campaigns. I work with companies like Egghead, Pep, Podia, CrazyEgg, and more to increase conversions from trial to paid and make the most of customer communications and lifecycle emails.

Prior to running my own consultancy, I worked in-house as the first marketing hire at an email service provider. I've been on all possible sides of the world of email and want to teach you everything I know.

I'll be holding an #office-hours session on Wednesday the 15th of May at 13:00 Eastern Time and I'd love to talk to you. Share your challenges with your customer onboarding and retention campaigns and I'll pick 6 of you from the comments to email the details on how to attend.

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    This is awesome! How do I walk the line between keeping someone warm and engaged vs. bugging them?

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    A large and growing number of companies generate leads via cold emails. They use sequences that get increasingly more creative and/or annoying, and difficult to opt out from.

    Is this the new reality or is there an alternative?

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    I have the challenge of convincing people to do a daily 10-minute fitness program for their hips to improve athletic performance, function, and to avoid falls and catastrophic injury later in life. The challenge is to address the baby boomer market and to warn them about the risks of weak hips, poor balance, and falling without threatening them with a doomsday message and without the program sounding like it's for old people.

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    Where do I even get started? I'm totally new to this. Does Email work for bigger check sizes? E.g. 100k/client/year...

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    I have an email list of 10K ppl. I’ve slowly grown the list with the help of a site I made that is a helpful color picking tool. My list is a mix of designers, programmers, marketers, etc. - all people who care about design in some way. My email sequence warms them up with useful emails every other day for about 10 days and then I try to sell them my book on visual design at the end of the 10 days.

    My book has not sold well and I’m not sure why.

    I’ve asked ppl on the list why they didn’t buy and many said they lived in non-western countries and didn’t have much money. But that doesn’t explain why ppl in the states and Europe aren’t buying.

    Any thoughts on what might be going on? Thanks Val!

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    Hey everyone. I sent out invites to 6 people. Sorry if I didn't choose you.

    The good news is that Val has promised to answer any unanswered questions here, so feel free to add more info if you think that would help.

    She's also agreed to do an AMA in the near future, so stay tuned!

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    Do you have an example of a successful welcome campaign and why you think it was successful?

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    Hi Val, We are a simple online video editor.

    1. Most of our users will search google "Add text to video" or similar, use our product and not come back. How can we create more value out of those users (Maybe watermark video, drip email campaigns?)

    2. Every user that creates an account can upgrade to the paid plan for bigger video uploads and better quality videos. What tips do you have for moving free users down the funnel to paid?

    3. Do you have any tips for getting feedback from users via email? We have about a 3% response rate.

    4. Finally, any tips on making automated emails more personal?


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    I am combining two related brands into one big badassery. I'd like to merge my lists and would love input on how to message that so it makes sense and feels as intuitive to my followers as it does to me.

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    Segmenting emails and creating personal content is key to increasing engagement and reducing spam. However, what are the most effective strategies/email automations for beginning to personalize email content on a budget?

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    Hi Val, my boss and I were hoping to sign up to this as we are currently developing all our process, specifically starting with the on-boarding process right now. We could really use some help with email sequences.

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    Hey @valgeisler 👋

    I'm working on two onboarding sequences - one for a radar-powered golf driving range app and one for an online intentional work community for small business owners.

    I'd love to dive into how to structure them.



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    I'd love to talk about creating tech-touch emails for B2B SaaS...that doesn't feel like tech-touch!

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    What are some best emails and best practices you have seen when the user "ghosts" after the trial? It's so hard to get their responses. What one email should we write or incentive should we give to reduce ghost trialists?

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    Thanks for doing this, Val!

    What are some questions -- if any -- that you like to incorporate onboarding/warm-up sequences? To learn about the audience, drive engagement, etc.

    And when we do ask questions, would you typically recommend the "reply to let me know" method or the "click here to let me know" method (which might lead to a survey or might just be one of several different links -- the latter of which would of course allow for tagging)?

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    So many of the digital marketing gurus I follow teach things like pain, dream, solution or pain, agitate, solution, and I understand that we need to clearly show that we understand the problem we're solving for our customers, but I feel unclear on how many words to spend on it. Too little and it's not clear we know them. Too much and I get "this seems too sales-y or fluffy" responses in testing.

    What have you seen works, and how does it differ across different audiences, such as savvy business professionals vs mass consumer audiences?

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    I have so many questions to ask but i will limit myself 3 questions.

    How do you store or organize your copy swipes? And how do you use them?

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    So awesome that you are doing. My question is-

    What one step you absolutely don’t ever skip when researching for email campaigns?

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    Have you ever used an email campaign to validate an idea? Or have thoughts on it?

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