May 7, 2019

Office hours with Allie LeFevere, live!

Allie LeFevere @obedient

Allie LeFevere, founder of Obedient, is holding office hours with several founders looking for help with their businesses:

@rosiesherry, @soluxos, @louisswiss, @runexec, @chrischae, @rodrigo, and @ddx

Tune in as we livestream the call!

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    Is this happening now?

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    If you didn't get to ask a question earlier, feel free to post below and I'll try to get it in! (FYI, Allie's expertise is in branding and marketing.)

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      Hello, thanks for this office hour!! It is going really well. Can I ask something? Do you think knowing your audience is needed for the product improvements or is it for knowing where to advertise?

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        Thank you :)