April 19, 2019

Office Hours with Courtland on Saturday

Courtland Allen @csallen

I've got some free time on Saturday!

Anyone want to hop on a Zoom call and talk to me about what you're up to? I'd love to hear from you! I'll probably select the first 8 or so people who leave a decent reply. #office-hours

(cc @sabba Saw you got a YC interview! 🙌 Want to practice for it?)

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    Invites sent! If you didn't get one this time around, no worries, I'll be doing many more of these in the future.

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      Hi @csallen for some reason this tag was not notified in my profile, I found it via my emails. Would love to chat at the next office hours. Thanks, Sabba

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    Hi Courtland, I started a short term rental cleaning company called Piggyback Cleaning. Up until this point, we have provided both a network of cleaners and a tool (app) for accessing this network. We currently have a network of about 10 cleaners and clean close to 30 properties in Indianapolis. We offer our customers a guarantee that if they schedule a clean through the app we will get it done. Our software eliminates the friction of managing cleaners in the past: finding them, reminding them, giving them checklists, paying them, etc.

    That said, we have realized our current model is probably not going to work. In order to expand to a new city, we have to establish a network of cleaners which is very challenging. Also many Airbnb hosts are content with their current cleaners and don't want to switch to our model even if our software makes their process simpler. My idea which I would like to discuss with you is to drop our guarantee and sourcing and focus on the software. Allow Airbnb Hosts to add the cleaners they already use to the app and then get all the benefits of our software. Small tweak to our current product which now makes our market every Airbnb host that uses a cleaner.

    I was not one of the first 8 to comment, but I'd really appreciate your time and feedback. Have loved this website for years.

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      Tell me more. I could use this service. ..... I could suggest another revenue model. Where you could give it all away for free and earn money from lead generation that funnels to other more profitable pipeline businesses. What you are missing here is "other peoples networks". I know some who get 1 million visitors a month.

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    Hey Courtland,

    I'm working on a site for job seekers in the Bay Area called Employbl: https://employbl.com/

    It'd be awesome to speak with you about the business plan and your thoughts on hiring at SF tech companies!


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    Hi Courtland!

    I'm building a community of founders called the XX. We've had two cohorts so far - first for female founders and second for immigrant founders. I'd love to talk about how you grew your community of founders and practice pitching to you! I have our first demo day next Wednesday :) Thank you!

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    Looking at building something around manager/employee engagement and accountability with a focus on one-on-one’s, goals, employee happiness and retention. There are others in this space but I like the market. I’ve done some planning and a bit of dev work, but still in the early stages. Would love to get some feedback on the idea, market, pricing and competing against larger companies.

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    Hi Courtland,

    Since we last spoke about that marketing gallery idea, I've designed the V1 in Sketch. And am building over the weekend. Hopefully will do a quiet launch end of next week.

    Would be cool to get your thoughts on the V1, and talk a little about the strategy next week.

    I got chose last time. So nw if too busy.

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    I’m building an API for managing money. Would really enjoy a discussion around building a community. Specifically a community for developers.

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    I'm researching for a program i'm creating for a client & want to spend 10 minutes asking you questions about humility and kindness and how you think it fits into building teams and leadership.

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    Thanks for your time Courtland! I have been passively working on Wise Charlie (mental models for young people). I have been getting some orders in here and there. I wanted to run the execution game plan by you.

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    Thanks for the initiative, Courtland 💜

    So, I'm about to launch the first version of an open source community for developers trying to make the web of the future... It relies heavily on community curation and content production, both of which Indiehackers excels at, so your words would mean a ton 😄

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    Hey Courtland! Would love to chat about an idea that is a progressive congestion charge for car commuters coming to SF. Got an invite to interview for YC S19 and would love get feedback and I'll give you feedback on your poker tell. 😉

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    Hey Courtland, I'd love to chat with you. I'm interviewing w/ YC next week and am looking for all the help I can get in terms of practice & feedback.

    Lemme know 🙂

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    I've been bootstrapping for 5 years and was interviewed here. I have a new startup idea in the SEO space that I'd love to hear your thoughts on (in private). Thank you for everything you're doing for indie hackers worldwide Courtland! You're having a huge impact on me and many others.

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      These office hours are very public and livestreamed, but email me any time! [email protected]

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        I see. Will do that tomorrow. Thanks!

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    Hey @csallen, currently working on a SaaS landing page builder.

    Would love to talk about launching, go to market strategies and how to stand out when you have incumbents who have raised 100m's and new startups popping up everyday.

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      I think what we're both working on could be indirectly related -- would love to connect & chat with you at some point 😃

      Hit my email if you're interested.

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        Done, checked your project very cool.

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    Hey-yo! 👋🏻 Christian here

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      Hey Christian! Anything specific you want to talk about on Saturday?

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