May 2, 2019

Office hours with Patrick Campbell, live!

Patrick Campbell @patticus

Patrick Campbell, CEO of ProfitWell, is holding office hours with several founders looking for help with their businesses:

@adamzerner, @SilverStr, @Davey, and @jbones33

Tune in as we livestream the call!

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    @mijustin you should listen in - @patticus and @Davey talking about you.

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    Great Office Hours Patrick! Thanks for your time today. Great feedback.

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    First time listening to @patticus, gave some great advice.

    I always learn something listening to Office Hours.

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    Thanks for the help @patticus!

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    Is there an audio version of this? Will be doing a road trip tonight and would love to add it to my playlist

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    Crazy good session. Learned a LOT!