OK, I'm going to start programming, What resources do you recommend?[Week1]

I'm going to try to document everything and if somebody sees it and it starts in the programming within 1 year for example that does not feel alone.


  • Own development of projects
  • Develop anything that crosses my mind
  • Be a wordpress specialist[ i will try]
  • Be able to do projects in which you have an opportunity at the right time

How much time will I dedicate:
2 hours during the week every day[Monday-Friday]
I will start with courses in Spanish since it is my native language

With what language will I start:
I will also try ruby ​​or python

If someone wants to talk, be my mentor or talk about other things I will be happy to make friends :)
I accept all kinds of feedback, resources or anything that crosses your mind

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    If you're interested in Ruby on Rails I have a YouTube channel you might dig. I'm at about 74 videos on it with other one-off videos on the channel as well. The playlist gradually gets more advanced as you follow along. This was me learning in public :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ABesTeDKmQ&list=PL01nNIgQ4uxNkDZNMON-TrzDVNIk3cOz4

    No matter what language you choose, I highly recommend using tutorials as a reference but more importantly actually building things (even if it's just to learn). I found out by accident that teaching has allowed me to learn so much more as well.

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    Doing the same at the moment. Would go for https://www.theodinproject.com/ instead. It is in english, but a great course. It is free, and has a large community on Discord you can follow, and ask questions. As long as you do all exercises this course will give you the skills to build stuff fairly quickly.

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      That's a great reference for anyone who wants to learn programming just to build stuff. Ruby on Rails, some Javascript, and a CSS framework and he's set.

      Anyway, this path could be dangerous for someone who is just starting and wants to become a developer. It leads to becoming a "full stack" aka "master of none". If that's your ambition, read more about the roles of developers in a team. Maybe you like design and you can stop at html/css/jquery. Maybe you want to join the front end frameworks battle. Or back end and PHP is more on your taste. You can play with all of them but, finally, stick to one. It will make a more valuable player of you in the long term.

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    Nice! This is a big first step to take, as a fellow self-taught programmer I've found Free Code Camp to be extremely helpful in getting started (you can learn JS and basic algorithmic skills with them, that forms a decent foundation to continue from).

    Beyond that, Udacity has some free courses which are pretty helpful, I'd also recommend Project Euler which has you solve math problems with JS, this forms a good foundation to thinking like a programmer when it comes to solving problems. The great part about that too is you can use Python to solve those problems as well.

    If you want to learn Python, 'Automate the Boring stuff' is a great resource on Python's syntax and practical applications of the language, it's an ebook written in English though but the writing style is fairly easy to read and not super complex.

    From there - pick a project that excites you and start tackling it. The internet is your friend, read documentation on certain things you're trying to do, browse Stack Overflow for similar questions, or even reddit which has some helpful language-specific subreddits.

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    if you are interested in creating cloud related projects, you can checkout https://coderecipe.ai , there are a lot of free code templates for you to freely grab instead of reinventing the wheel :)

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    @Sergiblue it seems like your goal isn't to become a professional developer but instead to have the autonomy and capability to build and launch products. Check out a variety of no-code tools that are (in my opinion) easier and (objectively) more powerful than wordpress including webflow and bubble.is.

    I've launched a few products spending just a couple weekends on each that would've taken a professional developer weeks (or months) to build on their own from scratch.


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    I've been developing in addition to freelancing for over a decade, I don't mind mentoring on the freelancing aspect while you learn development. Just Reach Out.

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    Wes Bos https://www.youtube.com/user/wesbos
    learncode.academy https://www.youtube.com/user/learncodeacademy are really good resources on YouTube. I agree with justalever about building things, but would add that an added benefit is that you also learn quickly what you don't know and can work on to improve.

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    Props for this, I'm also a self taught engineer and have been at it for many years now. Looking back, the number one thing that helped me was to find a project that I was interested in and to try to build it. Couple that with a mentor to point you in the right direction when you are lost and you will be set. It takes a while, but that's part of the process. Enjoy it. For me, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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    Hi there Sergi! I´m an aspiring developer and spaniard as you. As soons as June starts I´ll be learning HTML, CSS and Javascript. You are not alone in this adventure! By the way, here you have an accountability partner if you would like to have one ;)

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