March 19, 2019

OK, roast me - small free product for makers for


While working on other projects I sometimes need a break and I code something simple to clear my mind.

In another group I'm part of, someone mentioned that they want to know more about people in the group. But we don't always want to create a 'profile'. And when you're in a few groups like me, you just don't want to fill out a profile for every forum, etc.

so this just allows you to create a 'card' for yourself... and link to it anywhere / everywhere and you can keep it all up-to-date, or whatever.

I'm sure there are better things out there and better ways to do this, so feel free to blast me or give feedback. I enjoyed the project (I'm not a designer or social person) but I figure I'd put it out there for fun and feedback.


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    This is a thing along the same lines, FYI. Not quite the same, but similar. You might be interested to see it.

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    But we don't always want to create a 'profile'.

    Maybe also people might not want to create it on MakerCards either...?

    I think this is actually more in a personal page domain where there are already many projects. And people that already have homepage like me won't probably use it (unless they cancel theirs in future).

    What are you offering as extra? Maybe if this is some kind of clever directory it would work better, not sure.

    Good luck!

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    like gravatar? Hit create account but got an error screen.

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      interesting - I'll check. thanks!

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        should be fixed - I was an idiot - as I said I made this quick, I copied my base framework but didn't fix the acct create. now fixed.

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    If you're going to have to link to this thing anyway, why not just link to your personal website? Or Twitter? Or anything else really. What is this solving that a personal website isn't?

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      You certainly can. I have several sites, but don't really have a personal profile.... especially one I can edit quickly. And I am in multiple forums. And it was a topic that came up. This could be like a twitter profile, but I'm rarely on twitter and while I see others link to twitter, it's rarely for the profile but for following/connecting, etc.
      This just allows a quick way to create an online profile you can link to from anywhere.

      It was a short attention span product that was for fun but I liked it and think some may benefit or enjoy it. Maybe not. Obviously not everyone will

      Thanks for the feedback!

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        Yeah, hope I didn't discourage you or anything. I'm sure there are people who would like this. And if it's just a side project for fun, that's cool. If you want to actually get users, I would think more about who actually needs this. Is it for all devs, is it for makers, is it for people in slack communities? Who needs it the most?

        Good luck!

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          not at all. I asked for feedback and expected it. Yes more of a micro side project or a side-side project.

          The cool thing about makers (choose a word) is that we are all in a variety of different microcosms. Our worlds intersect with a lot of different groups of people in different ways and we all use things differently. So while today, it may not have any value or make any sense to you, to others, it will and or it will lead to a jumping off point for other makers to see a new need or want.

          This exists to create a simple 'card', and at some point, I may showcase the cards on the side, perhaps categorize them, perhaps group them or even find ways to help people connect.

          Just a seed and an idea. A short attention span thing to start with.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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        True that not everyone has a personal site, but I would imagine that 'makers' should have one.

        The point about not wanting to share your social account with some people is interesting. That may be a good use case for something like this.

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          This is an interesting thought about temp profiles, or even multiple profiles. And honestly, this is a seed /starter of a much bigger idea that was asked for very publicly but doesn't really exist - but it's exactly the same - meaning twitter/LinkedIn, other sites all have a proprietary profile but no where is there a consistent public/personal profile that you can use to share/connect, etc
          That's kinda where this is going if I get more time to build it.
          But busy with my main products at the moment...

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            I relate very much to the feeling of having too many interesting ideas and not enough time to build them.

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