Landing Page Feedback March 22, 2019

OMG Not another landing page post


Hello community!

Please help me figure out the issues with my landing page. I'll give a free lifetime account to the first 20 people to give me solid feedback with actionable changes I can make to improve it.

Thank you so much!

Background: I started with a basic landing page, then I listened to this hugely informative podcast with @julian and @csallen:

I followed Julian's advice, putting very specific copy about what the site does, added the standard landing page layout, and added "social proof".

Now I am keen to get critical feedback so I can tweak this into even better shape. Thanks!


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    1. You land on the pricing and see a "fee" before you see what it is, move the pricing down 1 block.
    2. Add more information towards your target audience in block 1.
    3. The whole animation on the left is good, I might swap it for a video though.
    4. It's just a shopping list, this decreases the value so when I see a cost, I'm instantly turned off.
    5. Your target audience is definitely not going to be husband-wife, so identify who it is and write a checklist for them. Is it a work-team trying to coordinate project details? Add, "email client on April 14th about their invoice."

    Otherwise I like the idea/model, I also like the URL based checklists.

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      Thanks so much! I sent you a free lifetime account.

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    Hey! Good job on publishing your draft. Here are 6 comments on the landing page:

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      Wow thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Have sent you a free lifetime account.

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    Hi! I'd probably try to highlight whatever makes this product different from a gazillion yet-another-todo-apps.

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      Good point. I'll work on the copy to make the differentiators clearer, thank you!

      If you want your free lifetime account shoot me an email.

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    Some feedback:

    I'm not sure if I would pay for those features as there are free alternatives which can do even more.

    I also don't like these anonymous "social proofs", always looks like a scam to me.

    The twitter link at the bottom leads to a suspended twitter account.

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      Well you don't have to pay because I will send you a free lifetime account to say thanks for this feedback. :)

      Shoot me an email if you want to claim it.

      Thanks for the feedback - I worry about social proofs looking scammy too (those are actual quotes from users but I know what you mean). I will fix up the Twitter link. Thanks again!

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    It seems informative enough for me, but I was repelled by the design of the app. :(

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      Ok, thanks for your feedback! will work on the design.

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