Growth March 24, 2020

On the top of the list in HackerNews today

Jake Wang @jkwang

I posted a link to HackerNews today and got about 150 downloads in 2 hours.

And the post became the first one on the home page:
"Show HN: Excel-like table editing for Markdown"

It's my first time to experience this, so I think I should share with fellow indie hackers!

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    Hey. That's awesome.

    Would you be up for sharing the analytics? Approximately how many website visits did you get? How much % converted into downloads? How many looked at your pricing page? How many follow up emails? Revenue Growth?

    (Disclaimer: I'm also working on a markdown related app, but I'm not yet ready to launch it on HN)

    1. 2

      Yes, happy to share. Just checked different data of yesterday:

      • From Google Analytics, 9158 users visit the website
      • 113 subscribed to the mail list
      • 775 views on the pricing page
      • Got only one sale :) as the product has a two-week trial period

      I'm completely fine to work on a Markdown app as well. The market needs lots of different Markdown apps.

  2. 1

    Very cool! Tables in Markdown are the very definition of a pain. 😄

  3. 1

    Nice. Markdown is definitely a keyword that HN likes. I was one on the top with a similar topic. Got 30k visits, 3 sales and a lot of feedback - positive and negative. Later had to close down due to no interest and high server costs (I did it properly). I learned that I accidentally stepped on a HN buzzword and didn't actually find a valuable business.

    1. 1

      Seems you did a better job than my post :)
      I think the HN post is good for raising awareness of a product, I'm not expecting lots of direct sales for it.

      1. 1

        I got 3 sales. You got 1, but with 550 downloads!! I would consider yours much-much more successful :D

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