One account live on PH after 5 years of development

TL;DR: https://twitter.com/eleutheroman95/status/1436588181844025346


After ~5 YEARS of development, we are happy to introduce One account 🎊.

The first authentication system that is truly passwordless.

Instead of managing hundreds of accounts on different platforms. Just manage One account and let the platforms connect to it.

Some of the features of One account:
✅ private (data is only stored on your devices)
✅ seamless 1-click sign-up - no need to fill out lengthy forms
✅ built-in 2FA (2-factor authentication) - no more hustle configuring it and going through different auth methods on every website
✅ "live" updates (update profile picture on One account and all other platforms gets updated with the new picture, of course, you are in control and it is always an opt-in first approach)
✅ no more confirming emails/no more resetting passwords/no need for CAPTCHAs

Best convenience without compromising security.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Since we polished the ground for the platform, we are focused on adding new features.

✅ Auto logout (time-based or distance based, e.g. log out if the user is away from the place more than 300 meters)
✅ Share password, I mean share access to your account temporarily without actually having to share passwords (time limit the access and functionality limit on supported platforms)
✅ Expand the number of the default fields
✅ Desktop application for even more smooth experience
✅ Browser extension + mobile extensions (if enough users are interested)

Moreover, there are tons of "hidden" benefits that come with One account, such as fishing attack prevention, XSS, CSRF immunity, etc...

Apart from the benefits of making your customers happy and securing their accounts, businesses can benefit by integrating One account in the following ways:
✅ No maintenance means saving costs on tickets and developers fixing the bugs. (NOT SO FUN FACT: on average it costs ~$70 for a single password reset ticket)
✅ No expenses on implementing and maintaining 2FA (if your app requires 2FA)
✅ Always get up-to-date information, win-win for the users and businesses.
✅ Request any data
✅ Restrict access to employees
✅ Less to no shopping cart abandonment due to reduced friction (no need to fill out lengthy forms, credit card info sharing is coming soon). The increased security will make customers confident to make a purchase.
✅ No expenses on verifications, currently, only the email field is verified by default (more verifications coming soon like phone number and age verifications)
✅ No fake accounts

What people say:

"Signup forms are boring to both developers and users.
One account comes to the rescue with an easy-to-integrate solution that makes signing in a breeze for our users." - https://chartbrew.com

"Finally, a sign-in method that everyone can understand. One account is hard to overestimate and easy to underestimate." - https://scrapeowl.com

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    What if the device is lost or broken?

    1. 1

      We have a backup solution built-in, so currently it is highly recommended that you make at least 1 backup so later you can restore it on a new device (btw, backup is compatible between ios and android).

      We had an automatic backup to GDrive or iCloud built-in, but removed it cos we thought people would like to manually do this, but based on comments today, we realised that it wasn't a good idea, so we will be adding it back :)

      Also, we will add automatic backup to our servers due to users' requests

  2. 2

    5 years! Why did it take so long? And since 5 years is a pretty long time did you end up with what you initially wanted to built or had to change the plan along the way?

    1. 1

      Thank @sagunsh for the question.
      There have been many iterations, we had to change many things to make it very flexible and easy to integrate for the devs, secure, and convenient for the users.
      We created new mobile apps from scratch which replaced the old versions using a different programming language. The core platform also has been rewritten from scratch to allow greater flexibility, security improvements, and the ability to automatically scale based on the demand. A lot of the time has been spent on the infrastructure and of course, security takes time.

      Moreover, we had to built libraries for major programming languages. So, 7 libraries, backend services, 2 mobile apps, and iterations took so much time. Although, I wish I had launched it sooner and improved it.

      1. 2

        Were you always consistent on working on the app during those 5 years, or there were some stretches of time (weeks, months, years?) where the project was on the back burner?

        If you were always consistent, this is a colossal project launch lol

        1. 1

          Since the project is bootstrapped we had to work part-time. Although I worked more than 40 hours a week on this :)

          There is way more work done than I described in the comment above:
          UI/UX design/iterations, landing website, billing, documentation, hires, team management, business management, taxes, bookkeeping, many meetings with cybersecurity experts, business plan, etc, etc...

          But all this work enabled us to build a product that is very well structured so that we can easily add features and in coming months we planned a lot :)

          1. 2

            Damn! Well, well done, you seem to have put forth a tremendous amount of effort into this project. 💪

            1. 2

              Thank you :)
              And we will have to put a lot more to make it perfect 🚀

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    Congrats on the launch. Upvoted.

  4. 2

    Congratulations on the launch.

  5. 2

    Congratulations on the launch. This landing page looks great.

  6. 2

    Congrats on the launch Kiura

  7. 1

    Very cool concept. Having this method of authentication be the standard on every website seems like a daunting task. What is your strategy to get website/apps owners to use one account?

    1. 2

      You are right, this is a very difficult task. We have quite a few strategies:

      1. Integrate with the websites for internal usage (e.g. companies securing their internal tools.
      2. Extension so the app can be used even without the integrations
      3. Integrating to auth aggregators
      4. Referal program
      5. And of course we are going to make the app so great that the websites that won't integrate One account would be losing out a lot :)
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