One hour saas update 024: Splitting Domains

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    For DynaBlogger I have the main domain www.dynablogger.com for the landing page, app.dynablogger.com for the actual app, and for user sites I am using a different domain instead - dynablogger.net - because that's usually a good practice for security reasons when your users can create content on your platform. Each site gets a subdomain of that domain (although users can add custom domains too).

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      Exactly the same practice that I use!

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      That's great!

      I don't think I need different domains for each user (or tenant) in this app. Actually glad, didn't want to have to deal with SSL and custom domains 😂

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    Another Laravel user I see :) Sub-domain routing is great. Doing a similar thing with my apps.

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      🏄‍♂️Laravel 4 Life 😀

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    Today I split the SaaS application across some subdomains.

    The landing page will be hosted at podcastsping.com
    The application will be hosted at app.podcasting.com
    The web hooks handling will be hosted at hooks.podcastping.com

    Made use of Laravel's sub-domain routing feature to make this work.

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