September 13, 2020

One hour SaaS update 4: landing page

Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal
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    I loved that you decided against custom building everything.

    As IHs we love to build stuff, but most of the time that is the wrong thing to do.

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      💯 This is one of the reasons I like the no-code movement. We stop thinking about coding everything and start thinking about the things that really matter.

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    Well done, really appreciate you pivoting to using a quicker, off-the-shelf solution. I think I might do the same myself!
    I was literally JUST thinking about building a landing page for my upcoming product (unconfirmed name so far, but it's around managing Github issues).
    I want the landing page to show what features the product will provide. I was thinking this would also help bring clarity for both myself and potential users as to the use cases around this product.

    But for now, maybe I'll just start with a quick Product Hunt page first!.

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      If you want a slightly more complete landing page, then from @volkandkaya looks like a great alternative to building something yourself.

      Looks just a simple to get started.

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    Was an interesting hour. I built a custom landing page similar to the one I had up for one hour saas, but then pivoted and decided to use a hosted upcoming page from Product Hunt instead.

    I pivoted, as I was thinking about the amount time it would take to use a custom landing page, integrated mailing list and efforts to promote Podcast Ping. I decided it would be best with my limited time to jump to the Product Hunt now, and hopefully set myself up for a better launch on Product Hunt, when I get to that point.

    Ship provides everything I need to promote, update and poll potential users in one convenient place.

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