Newsletter Crew January 18, 2021

One simple trick to grow a newsletter to 1+ million subscribers with Sam Parr from The Hustle

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy

I'm really excited to share this with the community. I had Sam Parr from The Hustle on the Newsletter Crew podcast this week, and it was really insightful.

We went deep on The Hustle's main growth channels, how The Hustle got its first 150k subscribers, how Sam would grow a newsletter to 1 million subscribers today, optimizing the overlooked parts of your newsletter, and so much more.

Check it out if you're interested in action-packed and insightful content to build your newsletter.

One simple trick to grow a newsletter to 1+ million subscribers with Sam Parr from The Hustle

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    One simple trick

    Maybe I'm "a user of Internet" for too long but I never click titles like this ;)

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      “Become a millionaire overnight with this bizarre strategy they don’t want you to know”


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      Haha I'm using the same strategy Sam talks about in this strategy, was going to see how it works ;) But yes I totally understand haha

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    Hey, I really appreciate your efforts guys but can you please appreciate our time and recap this "one simple trick" here? Many thanks!

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      Thanks! The one simple trick is to just write blogs and make them go viral. That's it. It's hard but simple.

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        The one simple trick is to just write blogs and make them go viral

        Thanks, but... it's not simple, especially the second part.

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          Let's not confuse hard with simple. It's very simple. You just do one thing. It's hard though to get blogs viral.

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            It's hard though to get blogs viral.

            That IS exactly what I'm talking about.

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    • Emotions get shared more. Outrage being the biggest shared emotion on the internet. So if you want content to go viral then write something that causes outrage.

    • Look for content ideas that cause certain emotions that are correlated to sharing and clicking. Anything that causes outrage does well or content that uncovers something extraordinary.

    This has me scratching my head. Isn't this what got Big Tech in trouble?

    1. 2

      Yeah, I'd say that it was one of the things that contributed. Another was weak-to-no rules against misinformation.

      Rewarding outrage causes people to maximize outrage to maximize views, which maximizes ad payout. However, reality is limited in how outrageous it can be. For example, "my headphones are sitting on the table next to me. The battery is at 10%." This is interesting to me, because I need to charge my headphones, but it's not outrageous, and I'm certainly the only one who cares.

      However, false information is really only limited by the capacity for humans to be outraged. If something's not outrageous, then I can just keep BSing until it is more viral, to the point where at least SOMEONE would share them. "BLM protesters stole my headphones and drained them down to 10% by using them to distribute orders while looting local small businesses run by veterans."

      So to the original point: defining things in terms of outrage is a good strategy. It optimizes for the naïve metrics that are easy for platforms to measure. However, when you hill-climb past reality, you can contribute to lasting societal damage. I believe that the PMs and execs that set and maintain those metrics are personally responsible for this damage, and they should be made aware that they are personally causing this damage. They create a system that promotes these negative outcomes. But I don't expect others to go along with that.

      See how easy it is to create controversy without going past reality? I didn't need to add the PM bit, but it's a good way to bait people into responding to me.

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        I baited, as I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts 😀

      2. 1

        Yeah I see your point there! Now I'm not saying this strategy is right or wrong. I'm just the messenger. Many strategies work for certain people and if you're OK with causing outrage then it might be for you. But as you said, there are consqeuences.

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      Yeah agreed. I'm not saying it's right, they were just what was said by Sam. This is the strategy that they use to get their blogs viral.

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        Sure, I know you're reporting.

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          It’s deffinilty a problem on the internet today.

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    I have been thinking of running a productivity newsletter lately, @yaroslawbagriy.

    Do you think it would complement the growth efforts towards my free tool - Brutask?

    The idea behind starting it is to give out maximum value that would help me build loyal base and convert it to user acquisition later.

    1. 1

      Ohh this is legit! In my opinion, I think it's 100% a great effort and compliments Brutask quite well.

      This is what I'm actually doing with Newsletter Crew to funnel users to my newsletter referral tool, ReferralKit. I just announced it today and have gotten a lot of responses! So if the audience you're building really compliments the SaaS, then it will work.

      Let me know if you'll need some help with the newsletter tech or growth!

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        Sure thing, thank you so much for offering the help! Will surely reach out to you when the time comes!

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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      Haha yeah! But the headline is true!

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