Productivity June 6, 2020

One Weekend Hustle - Part 1

Taylor Brazelton @ryanb58

Hello everyone,

This weekend I am going to abstain from existing projects to work on something completely different. My goal is to spend all weekend working on some hustle that is outside of my current scope.

Step 1 will be to generate a doable idea. I don't want to spend too much time here, as the implementation is key. If you have an idea you think I could accomplish this weekend, feel free to jot it down in the comments section below over the next few hours.

If you'd like to follow along on this weekend adventure of mine, feel free to follow my IH profile. I am going to try and post at each step of the journey.

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    I'd be curious about the why. Instead of doing something like this - help me get one more lawn ripped up and planted with food? :)

    Heck, you can take a page of that site and dedicate it to gardening tools/affiliate links if you want.