April 13, 2019

Open Call! - need Indiehackers to test drive Pulse Metrics - an awesome analytics solution

Deepak Devjani @ddx

Hi IH! Happy weekend :)

So as you guys know I'm launching this dope analytics solution that I believe is super cool. I've picked the brains of several of you over the last few months and it's finally happening! 💪

and since I'm just starting off on this play, I want to eat my own dogfood and talk to potential beta users.

If you're launching something, I'd love to have you in the beta roll and have you test Pulse out. I'll be providing you with 100% of my pampering attention! haha

here's how Pulse is different:

  • Current analytics solutions are quite complicated to setup if you want any real in-depth insights out of them (Pulse takes 5 mins to setup)

  • Today when you update your designs or change anything, they'd stop working or you'd have to redo analytics to match up. (Pulse detects and adjusts automatically)

  • there is no single solution that does Web and Mobile (Pulse does Websites, Web apps, iPhone, Android)

  • UI/UX of current solutions is confusing and misleading, so you often have to question 'is that accurate?' (Pulse is beautiful and intuitive for anyone)

Kindly dm or comment if it resonates with you, and you can check out the prototype here: http://pulsemetrics.io

and for those who love email: [email protected]

thanks a ton for the supporting you all have been providing me all along!

#product-feedback-request #beta #testing #analytics

  1. 1

    Does it support SPAs?

    My biggest hassle with GA wasn't to copy and paste the code. It was to make it work with React and tack pageview events on navigation.

    1. 2

      yep, single page applications in react or angular are also natively supported. my own sites are in the same stack so I needed something to solve my own needs. @uluhonolulu