Community Building April 1, 2020

Open Source for communities and small businesses

Alejandro Foronda @11pika11

"open source "on-click" applications for communities and small business to use. "

Hey fellow Indie Hackers, due to the very strange moments we're living in I wanted to collaborate and create something really useful.

My idea is to create open source "on-click" (Zeit, Netlify) deployable applications for communities and small business to use.

For example a community or an apartment building could use something like "DoorDash" to organize themselves and buy groceries for the elderly. Of course this wouldn't be as feature pack as the actual products, but the apps would be functional.

First I want to know what do you think? I would love to hear the thoughts of so many great entrepreneurs here. And secondly I want to document the process and maybe livestream my coding sessions, do you think that's a good idea? should I do it in spanish (native) or english (decent)?

Thank you!

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    livestream the coding sessions? GO FOR IT!