Gamification January 13, 2021

Open source gamification engine

Jorge Alvarez @HappyMoodScore

Hello everybody:

I've created an open source gamification and event tracking application.

The goal is to help you track and gamify important events or set of actions in your application, mobile or web page.

It includes a powerful rewards/rules system that will let you gamify any process.

There is a full featured Graphql API.

You can find it here:

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    I checked your link. Would love to know if there is any plan to do beyond points ans badges in your engine?

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      Hi @api42 I guess it depends on the needs of the people using it. Do you have any ideas in mind?

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    Very cool! I was just reading a software ideas newsletter where this was one of the given ideas (I wonder if that's where you got the idea)? I thought about trying to tackle it but I personally couldn't come up with enough uses cases without also hooking into social media feeds (to reward liking,sharing,etc) and I didn't want to do that.

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      Glad you like it @Harrjm This is actually the gamification engine that is implemented in It was originally developed 5 years ago and as it's working fine and it's very reliable I've decided to open source it.

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    It looks interesting, but I think you should provide more information. What about:

    • Recording a video and explaining as simply as possible how it works.
    • Giving more concrete examples (guide with screenshots for example).

    I think not many would try it without knowing how it can help them. Maybe you can try to focus on that.

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      You are absolutely right @MatthieuCneude It's not something anyone can use it directly as it requires some technical knowledge for installing and configuring it. But I think that's unavoidable since you also need to modify your app to send the events you want to track into the gamification program.

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        It's not what I meant.

        Show to your audience what it can do for them. I have technical knowledge but I won't try it because I don't have enough information. My time is precious.

        My opinion, of course.

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    Can you provide some use cases where this may be used/useful? :)

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      I use it myself in to measure employee engagement. All actions users perform in the app are tracked: Voting, sending feedback, giving a high 5, adding or commenting ideas...

      Those actions let managers know which employees are more engaged. They also reward users with different badges based on their actions and levels based on earned points.

      Another good example is employee on boarding where the user needs to read some documents, watch videos or visit certain pages. You can easily track those events with this application so both you and the employee know the progress made.

      There are many other possibilities depending on each application and what they really want to measure.

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