Open-sourced my project and added two showcase videos - any feedback?

Hey everyone 👋

I recently open-sourced Chartbrew and I modified the landing page with all the necessary information. I used to have a low-quality gif in the header and I modified that as well.

I general, I would appreciate if you can tell me if the landing page managed to communicate the idea of the project.

I would be super grateful if you can have a look 🙏

The website is here -> https://chartbrew.com

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    Hey Raz, yes in my opinion your landing page conveys the message clearly. If I understood well, it's a chart builder tool to which you can connect several data sources. The 3 steps sequence leaves no doubts to the reader!
    I agree with @szferi on the license for enterprises, for personal experience, most companies skip open-source software just because they lack a support package and are willing to pay a lot just to run hassle-free.

    Anyway, that's a great project! Congrats

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      Really appreciate your comment @lucaf!

      Thank you for the insight into the enterprise package. I thought the general view on OS software is that companies take it for granted that they would be able to contact the maintainers for services. I should definitely make this clear on the website. ✌

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    It's a great project you have there! I'm considering implementing it for my company. Since everything is behind a secluded zone of firewalls, it is very hard for me to go for cloud saas like that.

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      Yup, one of the reasons that open-source works for some companies ✌️
      Feel free to join the Slack group if you have any questions about the setup. The link is on the homepage 😊

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    Great project! Why did you decide to open source the project?

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      Hey thanks!
      Multiple reasons for making it open-source:

      • Some companies don't want to part with their data in any way, so they can run the whole thing on their servers
      • Extra visibility
      • Companies that run the project on their servers might contribute to the codebase
      • Wanting to give back to the open-source community

      But yea, these are a few of my thoughts 🤓

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        I would add an enterprise license option for customization and support if I were you. Large corporations happy to buy such an option just to ensure long term support if they decide to use your app internally. Many times if they cannot have that option they decide not to use it.

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          Really great tip! I will look into that and definitely put something up on the site 😀

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