Opening early access soon, would love to hear your thoughts on my landing page!

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    I tried to ask myself a few questions I had been asked at Y Combinator Startup School (they use these questions to define good landing pages form bad ones) and answer them the way I understood your website:

    What's call-to-action? Join the waitlist.
    When was my "Aha!" moment? Stay in your flow section
    Is it just for me? Couldn't find any users LIKE ME
    Does it look trustworthy? No, lack of actual screenshots
    Who else uses this product? I don't know
    How much is it? What's the trick? No info
    Where can I find help? No place to find help

    I'd advice to fix the missing stuff above. It will help.

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      This is great feedback, thank you! This definitely helps me with framing the changes.

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    Congrats on the launch! My only suggestion would be to include better photos that explain what your product does, or even GIFS.

    As of now, for example, I am finding it difficult to understand what bugcatcher does by looking at the first two photos of your product. Mainly, the first photo you have on the LP ("Projects") is a little confusing, because it does not go well with the copy you have ("Send precise, actionable feedback from your website directly to the tools you're already using").

    Hope this helps!
    Here's us on IH, feel free to check us out if you're looking for an easy customer journey visualization tool, we have a free tier too!

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      That's very helpful feedback and makes a ton of sense. Going to work on that. Thanks!

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    Looks great, love the mobile optimization and the colors. Maybe two things to consider: add a proper nav bar with a few pages to go to (e.g. "about") and some logos that create a bit of trust. Testimonials are probably still difficult to come by but some news outlets that might have already spoken about you may go a long way.

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      Thank you! I do have plans to add those various marketing pages (About, Features, Comparisons, etc) as time allows, just mostly been focusing on getting the product ready for that early access phase. We don't have any users yet, so testimonials are still a bit tough to come by, but that's a great idea.

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