Beta Testing April 8, 2020

Opening my Spotify statistics newsletter to testers

Elies @elies

Hello everyone!

In the recent weeks I've been working on Spotista (, a newsletter that periodically messages you reports on your listening habits. You can think about it as a sort of "Spotify Wrapped", but delivered more often (even daily if you want).

So far the information it provides you with is pretty basic (total minutes listened, top artists, top songs and listening time distribution of every period) but the idea is to continue adding more interesting features.

In case this idea sounds appealing to any of you, I'd love if you could test it out and get back to me with some feedback/ideas. Would really appreciate it!

As I'm not sure on how many users it can handle at the moment, I might have to temporarily stop the sign up form in a bit, so please do not hesitate to register now via

I'm very excited to be sharing it out with this community. I hope you all are doing well during these difficult times.

Cheers and let's keep on rocking!

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    Hello Elies,

    This subject is something I'm very interested in. I'm scrobbling on since 2007 for this reason. First, it was with its mac app and through my iTunes offline audio library, today with its Spotify integration for keeping my music history in check. I review monthly and always look forward to seeing annual statistics each year. Great way to evaluate music, new discoveries also project deadlines and hard days with challenging psychology, music tells all the story.

    Stumbled this post on Reddit last year, but the project closed I guess, website not working. But you can see people took notice, there are lots of comments there. Good for your research ;)

    I want to register and participate. But I believe you should install an SSL to the website because as I understand; the next page from the form I need to give permission for my Spotify account.

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      Hi Bora, thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you are so interested in the topic!

      I should actually do some more exhaustive research, as I'm not very familiar with statistics and also don't know much about existing/past projects that try to do more or less the same –I will definitely check out in more depth the Reddit post you linked, thank you!–. Reading some of the comments motivated me to work even harder on the project :)

      Finally, you are completely right, SSL is needed. As I was looking forward to sharing it with the community and Heroku doesn't allow SSL certificates in the free tier, I decided to skip it, but the fact you are pointing it out made me realise it's something pretty important and I'll try to install it soon, I can let you know once it's there. Many thanks once again!

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        Motivation is good :) I use Cloudflare for that matter, free SSL and security. Recently deployed the website on DigitalOcean, but don't know much about Heroku :/ SSL is a must though.

        Yes let me know please. Following you and Spotista for future updates. 👁

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          @boraoztunc, SSL for Spotista is live now! I finally updated my tier in Heroku as I found out I could get two years for free through GitHub's student pack. Thanks again for commenting on that as it made me more aware on its importance.

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            🎉Already signed up, waiting for the report at the end of the month!

            Btw you should configure your server and SSL for redirecting all your http requests to https and also for all sub-domains.

            Right now the flow ends up without certificate on

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              Yaay, thank you very much Bora! And thanks for letting me know, didn't realise about that, should be fixed now. I'm sorry about it... Let's see what you think about the end of the month report :)

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          I'll check Cloudflare and DigitalOcean, thank you! Appreciate the follow as well, I'll definitely keep you posted!

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    So cool!!! I'm really going to use it.

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      Yaaay! Many thanks Oriol!!