April 28, 2019

opportunity for a partner developer


I am looking to make a payment system through a stripe where I have a niche that can make transfers every day at around 30-100 euros, could even reach something of 200 euros.

I could take care of putting people and promoting the service through marketing. I would like a 50-50 in distributed earnings.
I could also consider paying if you just want to develop it

I am looking for a technological partner with experience in php and stripe apis

if you need more data we can talk by mail or slack.

thanks :)

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    Hello, @Sergiblue. We have already developed payment gateway and now we are expanding our team to reach more customers. I think you may like to work with us.

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      What have you thought of? Thank you!

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        We are looking for persons who can help us to gain more customers to us. We may work together on that project. If you interested in it mail me, please.

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          How many people are? I do not know if I fit with this idea since the percentage for the client could shoot up and not use the platform

          This idea would be to be two people, a technology and another that can put the right people

          Right now I have a niche audience that would fit what I want to do

          If you're interested, we can try :)

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            May I know your email ? Haven't found on you IH profile

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            Ok we will contact you for more details :) Thank you

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              oh sorry,
              email:[email protected]
              slack: Sergi Blue

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