Optimize text search with PostgreSQL in a Rails project (14s to 583ms!)

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    I'm really excited to try RorVsWild.

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      Thank you. We can use some positive energy :)
      I'd really love to get your feedback.

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        So far, I can say that the integration was smooth and that I really like the visual aesthetic. I'm a sucker for strong visual language.

        I choose to use an initializer, with my key stored in my credentials. So far, I'm just using it on localhost.

        I know it's a strange thing to get hung up on, but I'm someone who tends to get excited about overlays and then quickly disable them. For example, I like the idea of having rack-mini-profiler running, in practice, I find the notch in the top left distracting and it seems like my Console views are frequently showing me evidence of it working eg. seeing a string of XHR requests.

        Even the real-estate seems precious; it's not like there's a robots.txt for establishing which plugin lives where. I can't control where the height+width plugin shows up (top-right). What if I want to release a tool that lives in the bottom left? How does the use of that space get mediated? (Rhetorical question, because the answer is "luck".)

        Still, I totally get that there's something seductive about hot corners and floating corner widgets. I hope mine kicks ass, some day.

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          Good point. As a designer, I have sometimes to disable it to style what's under or to take screenshots. And rack-mini-profiler is too much for me too.
          Your comment helped to convince my partner :) We just discussed it and we're going to add an option to hide it or change its position. Thank you!

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              Ha! I got a little free jazz there for a moment. I didn't think for a moment that you'd stop drop and roll, although I am genuinely touched. It was more of a big picture think because I'm not joking when I say that I'm in the weird position of actively planning a gem with a significant overlay component AND being someone who has, on more than one occasion, gotten kind of annoyed by overlay activation buttons and I wonder if there really could be something like @prefers-reduced-motion but for overlays, someday.


              I'm really excited to give you some actual feedback, soon. You know, on your app. :)

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                I have the same dilemma, and our solution doesn't solve the problem of having to edit the options every time you pull the code because your colleagues don't have the same preference.
                Without the button, it is not very obvious to remember to visit localhost/rorvswild to see the data... resulting in developers caring less about performances.
                I'm curious about your gem and feedback. Thank you :)

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