🔥 or 💩 ? Rate our new Ollie Landing Page

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    Cool, but maybe there is a bit too much animation, kind of takes away from the content.

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    @growthguru , beautiful landing page and mobile app!

    Here are my thoughts/feedback:

    -It's simple but I always try to answer the who, what, why, and how in any landing page - and I try to convey at least 2 to 3 within the top hero section --> people are lazy and less than 20% of folks that hit your page will make it all the way to the bottom.
    -The hero image at the top (doctor man!) isn't really doing it for me. I like landing pages and hero sections that show off the product itself or images of people receiving the benefits. For me it wasn't 100% clear from your hero section that this thing was an app. My preference would be to use one of your screenshots of the app itself as the hero image. Bonus points if you can use a GIF that shows off some of the core features.
    -If you're able to show off some of those core benefits in the hero image, I would then remove the features right below the hero section and replace that with your testimonials - that way right from the hero section you know this is an app, these are the core features of what it does, and there are people stoked about this thing...you achieve all that without even having to scroll.
    -CTAs --> I'd change your main hero section CTA or add a small qualifier text underneath to let them know it's also free to try. One of the CTAs get's lost because it's a white button on a white background, I'd give it some more contrast.
    -Also the banner towards the bottom "Get started with ollie for free" asks for an email to get started, so now as a visitor I'm a bit confused, do I get started by downloading the app or do you need my email first? It looks like this might be a "marketplace" and that banner is speaking to the doctors to list their services - if I'm right, maybe just try to speak directly to those doctors/healthcare folks --> "list your practice with Ollie for free. no fees".

    Hope this helps, it looks awesome!

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    It's quite nice. Unsure about logo.

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    Really clean, only issue os that o have to scroll to far for a card to be shown

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      Yeah I can definitely tighten up that card transition time, increase the speed 👍

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    Lovely landing page. Super clear.

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      Thanks, @SymbolOfFlight! Feel free to let me know if there is anything that you don't like or could be improved 📈

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    Looks cool! I am a BIG fan of video so maybe try a version with a video from the founders or team, make a video of the "day in the life" of your customer, these things would be awesome and good for marketing in multiple channels.
    Keep up the great work, we always need more positive words over negative so I hope this helps!
    God Bless,

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      We're working on a 30-second founder interview snippet. Talking about the product and vision. Video is always hard to get right and want to make sure the content is worth watching 😂 Really appreciate the feedback @pitchpodcasts!

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    Generally nice. Maybe too loose of a feel, I like it tighter. Also, the colour of the scrubs/background colour looks to me more like a "military" green, not a regular washed-up, light grey-green. Also, the orange-brown colour is not great. Sorry, I am picky.

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    Great job! Really dig the font combination you went with. My 2 cents:

    • the animations are awesome but loading to slow for me on scroll.
    • I’m not sure about the color combination (green + orange). I suspect you went with green because it matches the doctor in the hero image? The green is a bit dark and “dirty” and doesnt scream health like a ligt pink or blue would do.
    • the hero image doesnt do it for me. I would recommend app imagery or conveying the benefits of using the app more.

    Hope it helps! Good luck!

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