Organizing ideas

Hey guys!
Hope you're doing well.

I'm having lots of ideas about my future company and about several departments (writing them down on my notepad) but having hard time to organize and link the notes together(time consuming).

Any suggestions of how can i organize them in an efficient and effective way?

Thank you!

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    I just have a big list in Todoist where I keep all my ideas, then I have some notes in comments for each idea. Started it a few years ago and it keeps growing, fun to go back and read :).

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      Thank you for your support!

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    Have you tried Notion or Roam?

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      Hello thank you for sharing!
      I've installed the app, and I'm enjoying it already
      Thank you ❤️

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    I like coda.io for organizing everything in my life - both work and personal related.

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      Thank you for sharing this with me! Appreciate it

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      Between the other apps, I've started using this as it covers the things I'm looking for to organize and it's free, so thank you so much for sharing!

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        Glad that it was helpful. You're welcome!

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