Our experience launching a SaaS product on BetaList?

Recently we have submitted Curatora.io - A content curation and social media publishing platform to BetaList and here are the results after the 1st week.

We submitted the product under the free plan on 30th Aug 2021 and got it accepted on 6th Sep 2021 (within 7 days). However, they mentioned that it will take about a month for the product to be listed on the site. But instead of waiting for a month, we went for the paid expedited submission. Which also guaranteed inclusion in the newsletter.

Curatora.io was featured on BetaList on Tuesday at 10:23 AM PST on 14th Sep 2021. There were 6 other products featured along with us on the same day. Though we had the maker comment and highest number of likes within a few hours we did not make it to the Trending section.

Now here are the results we got from our BetaList launch?

Website Traffic: Total 191 New users

We’ve got only 3 users landing on our website on the first day. But we started getting more traffic on the 2nd day as we got included in the BetaList Digest on 15th Sep. We received 103 users in the first 48 hours of the launch.

Signups: We got a total of 23 free trial signups.

Demo Calls: We managed to schedule 2 calls from interested users.

Even though the traffic was not so impressive, we noticed that the quality of traffic was good. Most of the people who created an account actually completed our onboarding process.

Do share your thoughts and experience launching on BetaList with us.

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