Product Development March 12, 2020

Our Explainer Video

Jon Cowley @jcowley

This video explains conceptually how our connect-the-dots, if-this-then-that style financial scenario planner works. We have B2C product (this one) and also a B2B product (will post that one soon). Any and all thoughts are welcome.

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    Nice explainer video, it's clear and attractive, it made me search for whatifi on google (with relevant results :( ). And I like the concept, is it going to be a desktop/mobile app or a web app? What is your plan for monetization?

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      Thanks Julien - put a lot of time into the video. Glad that it communicates well. Used powtoons to make it.

      We will eventually go mobile but it is going to be a big design challenge to pack that much information into such a small screen. Will tackle that once we get more user feedback on our desktop approach.

      Monetization. For the B2C - we will eventually connect users with service provides like Real Estate Agents, Housing Inspectors, Wedding Planners - all depends on what kind of scenarios they are modelling.

      B2B - will be a monthly SASS product where those same professionals can build and share scenarios with their clients as a collaboration and planning tool.

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