Ethics March 26, 2020

Outreach marketing done wrong

Szőgyényi Zoltán @themesberg

I recently got this email which is an obvious spammy way of getting traffic. My personal reaction was that I would never read or buy anything from these guys. The email is very intrusive and besides we never wrote anything about Angular on our blog.

What do you think of this?

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    The goal of this email isn't to sell something. This is a (bad) link building email. I've seen thousands of these 😓

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      The eventual goal of this email IS to sell their products. The way is long, though: they hope the receiver will share their articles what will appeal to whom? Right, more customers. They also hope maybe the receiver will buy something from them.

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    Cold email is hard to do right.

    I would love to see the ROI on these emails. Also surprised it didn't end up in spam.

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      I don't have a problem with cold emails per se, but I do have a problem when they don't even check out the information on our website and they just copy-paste certain texts. That is NOT ok in my honest opinion.

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    Same here @themesberg - I will never read and react to these spammy emails. Report spam - Click!

    It would be more effective if the sending can study the receiver's background, personalize content and send it to a named email instead of support. Would be plus if a cold mail can also incl. where they found you, why we need to start a conversation etc

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    I receive at least one unsolicited email or LinkedIn connection request per day for "web app development services". It's just the wrong way to get my attention.

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      Exactly, it does much more bad than it does good. Maybe, just MAYBE cold emails are ok if they are considerate, meaning that at least the information is correct. In this case we didn't even had anything to do with Angular 🤦‍♂️

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        I'm a really tough sell, I want to see how the person / company operates before I even consider talking to them about providing me a service.

        On here the last couple of weeks I see people trying to help out related to COVID, with no expectation of someone paying them. In this sense I get to see how they can give consideration towards others that aren't even a customer.

        I'm not saying that every company must do charity-type work, but it's way better marketing in my eyes than any cold email.

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