Outseta or Memberstack?

Hi IH'ers,

I am considering one of these platforms for membership management.

Anyone here use either of these member platforms or recommend any other alternatives? I mainly want to achieve the following:

  • Easy setup and integration of 'sign up', 'account verification', forget/reset password' workflows for my web-application.

Looking for opinions/reviews!


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    I haven't used Outseta, but I think I would go for them if I were setting up a membership site. Having integrated, CRM/Helpdesk/Email is super useful, imho. I just find it a total pain having to integrate with different providers for each of these needs.

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    Hi @haywoodshum!

    Geoff here, I'm a Co-founder of Outseta. Our sign-up widget handles exactly what you've mentioned:

    -Allowing a user to select from your membership options and pay you
    -We verify that the email address the user signed up with is valid and automatically create an account for your new member in Outseta CRM
    -Then the user to sets a password (and handle lost password workflows as well)

    You can try signing up for an Outseta account to see this workflow end-to-end here: www.outseta.com/pricing

    Beyond this workflow, Outseta is pretty different from the other membership options on the market because we don't just handle authentication and payments, but also give you a full set of tools to grow and support your member base. Here are some of the primary differences: https://www.outseta.com/memberships.

    Most importantly, I would love to jump on a call with you to show you our product and answer any questions that you might have. If that's of interest, feel free to book some time with me here: https://calendly.com/geoff-outseta/45min

    We also offer free integration of Outseta with your site, so I'd be happy to roll up my sleeves and knock this out for you if that's of interest. Cheers!


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      Hey Geoff,
      I'm trialling Outseta for my tool (carbon footprint offsetting subscriptions). Ideally I'd like to create a user dashboard where people can see what their personal impact is to date. Any idea how I'd accomplish that using Outseta and Webflow?


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        Hi Fran!

        That's great! Yes, you can create unique dashboards for each user that they can be redirected to each time they login. We call these "Account Specific Pages" and they can be automatically created in Webflow (by Zapier) when someone signs up via Outseta.

        Here's more on that: https://go.outseta.com/support/kb#/articles/VdQG30Q4/how-to-automatically-create-account-specific-pages

        Happy to jump on a call to show you around any time!


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    From what I read on the internet reviews, I think memberstack seems to offer more benefits.

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      Thanks for this!

      Ok, any thoughts on Gumroad vs. Memberstack?

      Do they solve the same problem of membership management? Thanks!

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        Ahh gumroad is a completely different product I would say..their affiliate program is very strong i've heard...its mostly meant for people to sell digital products. Kind of like Appsumo does.

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          I see I see because they both seem to offer payment and member admin management.

          So if you have to choose for purely good templates for forget/reset password or sign up verification, which one would you go for?

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            Probably gumroad would be better then

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