Parents! Would you start a free trial?

Hey Indie Hackers,

I’ve been building in private for the past six months, and after a series of mistakes, learnings, and pivots, I’ve decided to start building in public because I think I could have avoided some of my past mistakes.

Parent’s Club is the first online community for busy parents to read or listen to 10-minute parenting book summaries.

Landing Page: https://parents.club/

If you’re a parent, I’d love your feedback on the new site that launched this week. Specifically, if you saw this page, would you start a free trial?

  • If yes, how old are your kids? What stood out to you as the biggest benefit of Parent’s Club?
  • If no, how old are your kids? What stopped you from starting a free trial?

This month, I had to make a major pivot, which included a complete rebrand and moving domains (ugh!). If you’re curious, you can read about it on our Indie Hacker product page.

Thanks so much in advance.

If you’re a parent, would you start a free trial?
  1. Yes!
  2. No… more explanation in the comments below.
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