October 2, 2019

Participating in hackathons as a non-technical person

Al Chen @atc239

Wrote a story on my experience at a no-code hackathon and how it no-code platforms can make hackathons more inclusive: https://www.producthunt.com/stories/can-you-join-hackathons-if-you-re-non-technical

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    I am a no-code users and I can't code. Absolutely zero knowledge. Still, I believe that you should have separate events for coders and no-coders.

    The reason, and you said it yourself, is that no-code tools are a lot faster.

    It is like saying that the Tour de France should be more inclusive and make motorbikes partecipate. It is simply unfair.

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      Thanks for the comment @Luqa. I would actually disagree here, because even if you can code, you may find no-code platforms faster to use versus traditional coding frameworks. At the no-code hackathon I attended, and were completely fine with using the no-code/low-code tools, or even just doing things in PowerPoint!

      Regardless of the platform you use to build your idea, no-code platforms allow more people to get involved in the "building" phase during the hackathon.

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    Hi Al,

    Good article. I'd like to go to a hackathon, but since I'm a marketer I'm not sure I can help much there. There are mostly about writing code and making UX.

    Can you see how many people have read your article on PH?
    Just wondering.


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      Thanks @maxshash, there are a ton of hackathons where you can add a lot of value as a marketer. At the no-code hackathon I attended, for instance, participants spent as much time brainstorming creative ideas, user research, and market research as they did building their ideas. For the PH article I can't see how many people have read it.

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    nice Al!

    We can re-post this to Makerpad too if you'd like?

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      Sure feel free @bentossell

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    Great read!

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