Looking to Partner Up November 18, 2020

Partnership / collaboration on S/W product


I have build an web based ERP solution. And have closed deals with 2 clients. The core covers all aspect of the ERP. As an next step . I would like to collaborate with the people out of India (since we have a team here ) who would be interested in it to expand . I am stuck with how to proceed . If any one can suggest me on the best approaches or medium i can make use of , it would be really helpful.

Or if you are interested. We can discuss in detail and proceed accordingly.

Any thoughts are welcome.
Have a great day

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    I'm a web developer with 4 years of full-stack experience, looking for a project to work on.

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      Hi Austin, Can you please connect @ +91 9080349072. We will discuss

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    Hi Azr,

    I have wide experience in sales & marketing domain for Asian markets. I am based out of India and would like to connect and explore possibilities.


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      Hi Jay. Can you please connect @ +91 9080349072. We will discuss.

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    Can you share some more details about your product

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      Hi @NoobieHacker. Firstly thanks for your interest. The product is an web based ERP solution built on python that covers most of the functionality targetting manufacturing industry and other forms of it. The modules it covers are Raw material management, order management, production floor management, product costing and accounting, etc..,. The best of the application is the process and and production is versatile enough to sustain any industrial targetting production since the system allows to create dynamic product process and traceability which doesn't exist in any of the existing Erp. Because of this versatility Beyond manufacturing/production industry. It can be expanded to serve oriented companies as well eg: An carshowroom providing a service can make use of it . I couldn't able to provide a complete detail in text. In case of product specifications i can show an demo which can convey the details better.

      Relavant to sales: i can explain the scope and demand the application has if you would love to work with togather and love to contribute or be a part of this.

      As an start. The legacy system based erps are dead since it is not accessable out of the company and covid has ensured it and there is a huge gap left to fill plus there is a good market cap projection for ERP.

      If you need any information kindly get in touch (+91 9080349072) And if you have any thoughts/suggestions do let me know .

      Have a great day

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      Thanks for your suggestion. I have checked it up. But the medium seems to much organized and there are already established players. I am looking for someone/company to team up with and expand my sales funnel in other countries. Or an medium which i can tieup with people. If you have any thoughts on this . Please do let me know . Thanks.

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        The established players will be there as an obstacle regardless the channel - imho it pays to be efficient and capterra is just that.

        In our experience, partners abroad on their own are very hard to monetize as they are very hard to keep engaged (unless there is some sort of minimum salary).

        But if you have this sort of budget - and your product is good/ready enough to attract leads, I'd pour it into capterra. After experimenting a bit with countries, verticals and bids I think you'll find the results rewarding.

        In any case, the commitment required is low - if it doesn't work after a couple of months, you can abandon it.

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          Hi, Thanks for your insight and I will definitely try it out. If you have any other thoughts/suggestions or If you know anyone who would be interested in exploring the options on collaboration. Please do let me know / put me in touch. Thanks again.

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