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Patio11's Law: The software economy is bigger than you think, even when you take into account Patio11's Law by @kacper

It's not surprising. Of the 3,000+ software companies acquired over the last three years, only 7% got TechCrunch, Recode, HN, or other mainstream tech coverage. Examples are

  1. ConvertKit - $20m/yr - 48 employees- 30% YoY growth
  2. Lambda School software companies - $10m/yr - 25 employees

What are the best SaaS books? by @Nicolas_

How do you avoid negativity in an online community? by @elijahk4
Every community has a culture. As a founder of a community, it is your responsibility to guide every single conversation with what you believe aligns with the goals of the community. People will naturally replicate what they see going on around them. Also, nip stuff in the bud. If there is something there that you don't like, make sure you get rid of it or don't let it happen again. And block swear words.

Best tools for designing responsive email newsletter
mjml.io is like HTML for emails and Mailerlite templates are really flexible. Mailerlite is free up to 1,000 subscribers.

Let's share our top 3 podcasts that we love the most!

  1. The Bootstrapped Founder by @arvidkahl
  2. Build your SaaS by Transistor FM by @mijustin
  3. SaaStr podcast by Jason Lemkin
    (and of course, our The Indie Hackers Podcast!)

The Best Note-Taking Apps, according to the IH Community by @gordon


  1. Trends #0016 --- Growth Tools (must read) by @dru_riley

  2. Freelancers who mix consulting, education and building their own products by @ben

  3. Always, always, always add pricing tiers by @yahiabakour

  4. How someone bought a politician's website to build an affiliate website by @aeripret

  5. The feeling of always falling behind as a developer by @TonyOnRails

  6. What's your SaaS tech stack of choice? by @sushantshek20

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