Paul Graham: The highest compliment of a founder is that they're "earnest"

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    I wish Paul Graham would put a nice style on his blog.

    It feels like he's trying WAY too hard to be hipster... hmm hipster isn't the word but you probably know what I mean.

    1. 4

      I think he gets a pass, since his blog's style has been the same since 2004-2005ish. Here's the formatting for an old post of his: https://web.archive.org/web/20051231044953/http://paulgraham.com/wealth.html

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        Oh yeah sorry I know it’s been like that since forever and he hasn’t made it recently to look like that.

        It’s just... how hard is it to update your blog style? I am actually uncomfortable reading it because of the weird (by today’s standards) alignment. It’s hard to look at.

        1. 3

          He built his own static site generator in lisp. The titles to his essays are actually images, because back in the 90's, that was the way you got nice fonts.

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            Even better Earnestness at the top is a gif haha.
            Talk about efficiency 😎

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    I read that I now I feel like an impostor... 😣

    Am I passionate about the problem I'm solving, or am I passionate about being great at solving that problem and then the accouterments that may bring?

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    I wish Paul Graham runs their site over HTTPS :)

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    Not really. The highest compliment of an artist is that they are "earnest". Founders need a lot more than the qualities of an artist. The analytical aspect is just as important as the emotional and creative aspects.

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    It’s a nice exploration of earnestness.

    I don’t use this word very much, my impression is that there is a negative association that many people have with this personal trait.

    Even if there are sides to it that are good and appreciated, it’s often a criticism in disguise (or can be interpreted as such). So I just avoid it.

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    He must have read my comment when @Imshashank asked what's great about IH !

    The people are earnest. They want to learn, they want to succeed, they want to share. They are happy to give & take constructive criticism.

    This article by Graham not so great imo. Maybe inspired by having too many non-earnest founders in his pool.

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    This was a great read and certainly hit close to home 😅

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