Legal, Tax, and Accounting November 25, 2020

Payment gateway provider for EU based business (except Paddle or Gumroad)

Krzysztof @kwcodes

Currently, I'm looking for a payment gateway for the job board I'm working on. I wanted to use Paddle or Gumroad but unfortunately, both of them don't support services like mine.

Are you able to recommend any other payment gateway provider? Here are more details of what I'm looking for:

  • Proper tax calculation (VAT MOSS and friends). It's required because I'm based in the EU and taxes here are not straightforward.
  • Ideally a solution with pay-as-you-go pricing and no upfront payments. There's a chance that I'll fail with the product, so I would like to keep the initial costs as small as possible.
  • Easy integration.

Stripe + Quaderno or Octobat might be a choice. The only issue is that Quaderno and Octobat require upfront monthly payment.

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    Hey! I'm Kelly a product manager at Stripe working on something eerily close to exactly what you've described. I'd love to share more and learn about any other sales tax or VAT pain points and requests, just shoot me a DM or email - [email protected]

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    What kind of business Paddle refuses to work with?

    We (also from PL) work with PayLane and PaymentWall. But we're B2B, so no MOSS here.

    Also some local gateways are able to process international payments. Did you research this already?

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      I was rejected because of

      Human services (including but not limited to consultation, legal or design services)

      More types of businesses Paddy doesn't accept are listed at

      Thanks @konradcaban for the tip about local gateways. I haven't researched that yet.

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        Wow, I didn't know that they work only with digital services.

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    Hi Krzysztov @KW_dev, I would be very happy to hear what you learn, I recently posted a similar question and I am looking for more details responses. That is a great questions you posted...
    for reference, the post and answers I received are here:

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      Right now I'm leaning towards Stripe + Quaderno/Octobat. But it's mainly because of not many alternatives. I need to look more closely at local payment gateways.

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    I totally understand how you feel man. We just started our distribution company and we are looking for something like this to put on our website.I actually think that the most payment systems at the moment lack a lot of things and I have found great alternatives in the name of I own a small local shop that specializes in blonde and agriculture products and for me PayPal or Skrill are extremely uncomfortable due to the high processing fees they put on me. So I'd rather have a new payment gateway like Maxpay rather than them.

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