Money August 15, 2019

Payments checklist

Artem Smirnov @uluhonolulu

I'm going to add payments to our SaaS, and I'm scared that I forget something must-have. Is there a checklist for such things? Like,

  • Pricing page
  • Snail mail address of the company required by some obscure EU law
  • Confirmation email
  • ...
  • What else?

In particular, is there something important but nonobvious that everybody forgets to implement?


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    Your needs will depend a lot on they kind of payment provider that you're using, in particular the dealing with taxes. The taxes that you need to charge your customers depend on a lot of factors. Therefore you may want to make use of a service that calculates the tax rates for you (but then you still may need to pay those taxes), or use a service that acts as a merchant of record and handles all taxes on your behalf. See this discussion for more info:

    That said, depending on your country (outside of the EU), you can probably ignore these difficulties while you're small ...

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      Thanks for the link! I was always wondering why we can't just collect payments and then handle our taxes once a year, not involving any website changes.

      Yes, I'm using Stripe and yes I'm in the EU. Time to start worrying.

      1. 2

        Hehe, time to consider Paddle or GumRoad :)

        BTW: I think there's a business opportunity for a EU-based Paddle/GumRoad competitor that has a solid API and offers more payment methods than Creditcard and Paypall.

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