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Payments Platform - Indie Hackers Exclusive Offer👇

Che Sampat @KareemC

SuperPay is an easy to use and secure platform that enables you to seamlessly collect one time and recurring payments with no technical knowledge. SuperPay manages everything from ensuring compliance with the latest in regulatory standards to safeguarding financial data without you needing to lift a finger. We enable our clients to do what they do best, run their business whilst we take care of the payments.

Powered and secured by Stripe -

Your first month is free when using the discount code indie-hackers-2020

Go to and select our monthly plan to get started.

Any questions feel free to email us at [email protected] or post them in the comments.

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    What is the added value you provide over just using Stripe? They have no-code integrations.

    Also your pricing page is confusing, because it’s not $49/mo. It would be much more transparent to put the Stripe fee in your pricing panel rather than bury it in the FAQs.

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      Stripe's no-code integrations are very limited and still with some require some kind of website (Stripe Checkout). We offer a full end to end solution backed by powerful features with zero technical knowledge required.

      For example, our Payment Link feature ( is not replicable just Stripe alone as it requires a backend to hold the 'boilerplate' for the one time payment.

      Another example is our Recurring Payment feature (, yes Stripe Billing exists but on its own it lacks basic features like customers being able to update their card details on their own or even being able to view their recurring payments.

      This list goes on but in short, we provide a full billing solution that requires no code and compared to competitors or the cost of building your own integration is very cheap.

      I do agree with you here - we could do a much better job of telling potential customers that they still need to pay Stripe fees. But within the application when they connect Stripe we make it very clear what stripe is, why they need a stripe account and how much they charge.

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        Within the application they have already signed up and agreed to pay you $49/mo to then learn they’ve got to pay a % of every transaction as well? I would be pretty annoyed if I found that out after I’d signed up at a different price point.

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          I completely agree with you, we've updated our pricing page to show the Stripe fee is present from the beginning.

          Check out the changes:

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            x100 times better :-)

            I'm also curious if you handle Payment Intents for EU cards? and if so, how do you handle 2-factor auth when the user is not using the app? That was a major pain for me.

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              Thanks! Yes, we are fully SCA compliant. If the user is away from the site and 2FA is required for a transaction, like for recurring payments, we'll send them an email to prompt them to return back to a 2FA page to complete the payment.

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    Che, I have no use for the discount right now, but when I saw your post I remembered that I gave feedback on your landing page here on IH, quite exactly one year ago.
    I checked again and I am impressed how much the page has improved and how seemingly well the business developed. Keep it up!

    1. 1

      Thanks, yes we launched SuperPay on the 2nd of Jan 2019 and we've just launched v2 of our platform after a very successful year. It builds on everything we learnt during 2019 while keeping to our core values. The focus of 2020 is now growing and we have some pretty big goals!

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