March 27, 2019

PayPal vs Stripe for small businesses in 2019


I wrote a little post about my experiences using PayPal and Stripe:

The TL;DR: Use PayPal if you are targeting consumers, otherwise use Stripe.

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    Nice write up. However, I made the same experience while targeting small and medium business customers.

    I started with Stripe and later added a vote button with the text "I would have bought if PayPal was available" to the purchase form. Many clicked it and adding PayPal increased my sales significantly. Now it's also about two-third PayPal and one-third Stripe.

    Over 90 percent of my customers are from North America and Europe.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience! Do you have more data on your paypal vs stripe customers?

    • Are they geographically similar?
    • Do they have similar chargeback rates?
    • Do they have similar support request rates?
    • Do they have similar retention rates?


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      I don't have that data, sorry.

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    i just read your blog post. im wondering what u meant by 'you cancel that subscription right in PayPal's admin interface'? u were talking about paypal: "When you use it to pay for a subscription service, you cancel that subscription right in PayPal's admin interface. "

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      You can pay for subscription services with PayPal. When you do, you can log into PayPal and somewhere in their admin interface see which subscriptions are active. You can then cancel them there.

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        so what youre saying is that subscription services arent supported by stripe??? aside from that stripes fees seem better than paypals

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          What? No. Stripe supports subscriptions and as far easier to use for them than PayPal.

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            oh nevermind. i think i understand what u were saying anyways

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    I use to integrate Paypal to project but after doing research, the results were what you have experienced.

    Great work :)