Ideas and Validation February 14, 2020

PDF generator for discount codes

Ben @hapiben

My wife has a small business where she sells some physical goods in the market. When a customer purchased something, she adds a small card with a discount code printed on it for their next purchase.

I do the printing, but it's a pain since discount codes are unique. So I have to manually edit each card in Pages. I wonder if there's a quick solution here?

There's a website called and they have a tool You can also download the codes generated in PDF and you can print it yourself. However, there's not much customization.

The idea is similar to and the voucherify combined.

I also think this can be integrated into Shopify as an app.

Any thoughts are appreciated. :-)

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    Thanks for posting. Didn't know about Voucherify.

    I think the idea is good. For store owners using Shopify's in-admin shipping label printing, it's another step to go over to this app and print a voucher / discount coupon. You can add admin links in the "More Options" dropdown on an order though, so the link is within reach.

    I'd start with a handful of simple black/white designs for a phase 1 and then add more templates or a build a template editor as customer make requirement requests.

    Would you charge some pocket change for each print?