Ideas and Validation October 2, 2020

People really pay for an pre order course which will launch soon?


Hey HI,

I am going to launch a series of no code course where i will give video tutorials.
But I want to start with a pre incubation time where i make everything ready and in that time period I want to sell some pre order for that course that launching 1 month letter?

Is any chance people will pay $49 for this courses?

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    If you are going to do it anyways, why you worry. Just do it and see. Personally I won't pay for a pre-access. I may find another solution or totally change my direction within 1 month. But obviously people do pay such amounts. So go ahead an do it.

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      Yes. I'm also thinking of that... In 1 month people will choose another platform also.

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    What is the No Code Course about?

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    The effectiveness of pre-orders can be multiplied by creating a sense of FOMO or engineering scarcity. Limited seats, early bird discount, etc.

    It's a great way to test demand and if you're going to launch anyway, there's little harm in trying! 🙂

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