"Perfectionism is Procrastination in Disguise"

"Perfectionism is Procrastination in Disguise"

Learned this concept recently and found it so true. Focusing on building the perfect product, perfect team, perfect system etc will waste precious time (which is one of the top factors in building a successful startup).

Being a perfectionist, feels like YOU are in bog and the more perfect YOU try to become the more YOU go in

Getting rid of being a perfectionist and focusing on task which leads towards YOUR goals is way difficult

I wasted a lot of months being a perfectionist in my early days of building business but once i realised this single habit of mine. And when i was able to change it, tables turned out for me.

How i change myself was i found out the WHY behind being a perfectionist, WHY i want everything perfect and i let this concept sink in me that "Being a perfectionist will take YOU nowhere, working on bottom line and launching a product, improving the product time to time is the real joy of being a entrepreneur"
Taking some risks without thinking too much about the loss also helped me.

Just remember

It takes time for a change to happen
Mind will resist during a change
But consistency will help YOU make that change a reality.

I would love to hear other Indie Hackers opinion on Perfectionism.
How they got out of it?
What advice they would give to someone who is suffering from this?


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    I like the saying "Perfectionism is procrastination with attention to detail".

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    I'll add another layer: perfectionism and procrastination are both acts of selfishness.

    By not shipping something that would otherwise help people, you're knowingly keeping someone else in pain.

    Shipping something imperfect, but that helps even partially relieve a genuine problem for a customer, is an act of kindness.

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      Thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts ALEX
      I agree these both are right of selfishness
      Didn't really thought of this.
      Learned a new point of view

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