Personal life Roadmap tool?

Does anyone know a good way to construct a visually nice roadmap? I would like to visualize my life goals in a nice and creative way.

The best thing that I could think of right now is writing them on a big sheet of paper.

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    Use Notion and you are Fine

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      I see now that Notion has released a roadmap timeline tool.

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    I use Google Keep. It's simple but hopefully it will exist for years to come. It is a life map after all.

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      I see now that Notion has just released a roadmap timeline tool. That's better than these templates. :O

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    Hi Roy - I personally have used the Passion Planner to map out my goals, but have also created my own goal mapping templates in Notion. They have free PDFs on the Passion Planner website and explain the process of doing the "Gamechanger" goal setting approx every quarter.

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      On a tablet seems like a good way to solve it. I do not currently have one, but this seems like the best option out of all of them.

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    If you want it digitally, give miro a try!

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    The old school whiteboard to look at every morning can work.

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      Yes, that's really good. As of now, I do live with my parents and I would kinda find it awkward to know that they would be able to see it. :D

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