Personal Website Launch

Finally Shipped my personal website: https://www.madebyv.co
Please take a look and let me know your feedback. Also would be happy to give a free design consultancy for people looking for branding and more.

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    Nice illustrations. love your colors.
    One suggestion is to add case studies or examples. Especially useful if you're pushing free design consultancy and want to even work on that as a startup ( I read that's your intention in another comment).
    These could be simply writings on what a company was using as a logo before, your goals, your work, and what they said about it.

    Also show examples of your critique / design consulatancy. Meaning. a small image of the site, your thoughts. This A) could help others learn for themselves and B) show your prowness for helping.

    FYI: The links at the bottom of the main page don't go to the right places. one is for twitter.com/webflow

    Would love to hear feedback on my site: https://influence.directory

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    Hi v, I really like your side. The only thing that made me wonder is the use of only an acronym as name. Why do you do that?

    The fact that you have quite a few and really good portfolio projects on establishes trust. I wonder if adding your real name somewhere would help even more with that.

    I have a completely different style of presenting myself (in terms of content). Full name and testimonials. I’m not a designer and quite lost with making my about me page (and speaking) look great. If you would give it a look and give me some suggestions on how I can improve that would be awesome. https://www.michaelagreiler.com/new-about/

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      I wanted to build a personal brand surrounding the acronym. I was thinking of this as a first step towards that.

      This is actually a test for a bigger SaaS product I'm creating for on-demand design services. This might change soon as I make some decisions on the whole direction.

      I like your website. It's very readable. I went through it without getting stuck anywhere and I think that's really good for a content-driven website. Although, I think a good branding can add more uniqueness and visual appeal to your whole brand. I would be happy to help out if you need anything designed :)

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        Hi, thanks! Do you have any suggestions how I can make the about me page https://www.michaelagreiler.com/new-about/ more coherent? I feel especially towards the end it gets a bit messy in terms of style.

        Looking forward to see your SaaS business.

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    I like design, clean and clear. Straight to the point !

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    Wow, it looks really good. I particularly like the design, it has a pleasant, urbane vibe I like to see in virtual spaces. Best of luck with it al!!

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    The design looks impressive, but as @kris2 pointed out, you don't have any content on the main page, but if you just drive traffic to that page usign something else then search engines you should be fine, if you don't mind, when you have some time you can take a look at my MVP from a design perspective and tell me what you think?

    Good luck with your website!

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      Thank you!
      Yes, most of the traffic is going to be directly from the links I send out. 😃

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    Your designs are impressive.
    There is a /old-home in sitemap but there are no links to it. There is not enough content on the website to get traffics from search engines. No meta descriptions. Pagespeed score is 54 on mobiles. It should be better. https://www.pulno.com/shared/33cb71695b1eba4b - this is the report. I don't see any serious problems.

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      Thank you!
      Yes, that page was a mistake and I just removed it. Most of the traffic is going to be directly from the links I send out. But definitely working on the Pagespeed on mobile.

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        Hi, Nice clean site. One small issue I found wandering around was one of the Sketchbook links. The image is linked correctly but the text link below goes nowhere.

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          Fixed it. Thanks mate! 😄

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