Product Hunt July 13, 2020

Phlywheel just launched on Product Hunt

Max Asper @Maxsper

Hello hackers!

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I can't believe we launched Phlywheel today!

Just over a year ago, our team, led by Tara Hunt, sat down to solve a big issue we'd been struggling with:

How to scale our services so that we could help more small businesses.

Through months of research, testing, and interviews, we worked through the pitfalls of the current options for small businesses (usually some sort of automation tool one-size-fits-nobody package). Being a small business ourselves, we knew what we had to put together needed to answer the big "OMG, where do I begin?!" questions all the way to the specific "How to I optimize this part of my plan?" questions.

Not to mention that digital marketing is a bevy of disciplines to cover! We have lots of expertise in our team, but even we need to learn!

So, we came up with our unique blend of community, content, and coaching and have created a network that includes:

πŸ¦‰ a growing Knowledge Center (that includes hundreds of proprietary templates, frameworks, research studies, etc we use with real clients, along with lots of vetted links and resources)

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« deep-dive on-demand Masterclasses with hands-on workbooks.

🍎 daily microlearning and ongoing programming through monthly themes on various marketing disciplines

🍯 weekly group planning jams to work through issues in real-time

πŸ§™ a regular stream of guest experts and live events

πŸ’ž a safe and supportive community where you can get real-time help and guidance

🀯 and more...

We just completed a 5-week beta program to test our proof of concept and we're pretty happy with early results.

I'm super proud of this team (yeah...we have a thing for the 90's!) and I look forward to everyone meeting them on Phlywheel.πŸ’ž

You can check out our Product Hunt page here:

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    Farting llama anyone?

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    I would love to get some feedback from the IndieHacker community :)

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    This is so exciting! So much love went into this product, can't wait for everyone to check it out.

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    What a perfect solution for small business!! :)

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    Amazing team to work with! I think we've really created something special here. :)

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    Best of luck to the llamas!

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      Thanks @rosiesherry πŸ€—

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    Upvoted! :)