April 26, 2019

Phoenix Arizona Indie Hackers

Nick Mavridis @thepowerof8

I am based here in Phoenix and wanted to see how many Indie Hackers are also based here? Galvanize downtown is on one of the active hubs here in town.

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    I'm in Phoenix. Glad to see some indie hackers from AZ!

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    Hey @thepowerof8, fellow IH here from Phoenix/Peoria, AZ.

    Currently working on dothings.co, my long term project.

    What are you up too?

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      hi buddy, currently working on E-commerce products as well as some marketing shopify tools. Do you work out of your house of in one of the co-working spots around the city?

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        I would like to see if a meetup could happen but It looks like there aren't many on this platform from Phoenix.

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          So far I've been working from home and when I need to focus more I head to the local library.

          I have yet to try out coworking spaces but would love to give them a chance as an opportunity to meet people, hackers or not.

          I haven't heard of Galvanize before, but I have heard of gangplankhq.com a free co-working space. The time I tried going it was closed.

          And yeah it seems that there aren't any fellow Indie Hackers in Phoenix, as of yet.

          How is business going for you, are you working full time on your products?